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The key to well-being

NEW HEALTH yogatherapy Haarlem Bettine Meijer

Welcome to New Health 
yoga therapy

the yoga therapy studio focused on optimising your health and well-being. 

How wonderful would it be if you knew what you could do to experience less pain and move more easily? Or how to truly "turn off" your mind for a while? Or how to improve your sleep? Or how to feel more energized?

Diederik (62)

Rehabilitation after a recurring back injury and a recent heart surgery were the main reasons for me to start with Bettine. My biggest achievement from working with Bettine is that I have regained my mobility and, for the first time in years, I live a life free from pain.

Yildiz (47)

I came to Bettine because I didn't feel well, because my thyroid was not functioning properly. Sometimes I was able to express myself more, while other times the session was more physically intense, but it always felt right for me.

Astrid (40)

I started with Bettine because I wanted to incorporate more gentleness into my body and my life, alongside the strength training I do. My biggest gain is that I have been able to integrate yoga into my life in my own way, and I no longer feel stiff.

NEW HEALTH yogatherapy Haarlem Bettine Meijer

Bettine Meijer

Yogatherapeut C-IAYT

"I see every person as a puzzle. Sometimes, that puzzle is a bit jumbled. Sometimes, certain pieces have been forcefully pushed into the wrong place to make them 'fit.' I help you organize your puzzle pieces and, when necessary, help you to gently take them apart so that you can put them back in the right place, because only you know exactly where they belong."

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